Vegetarian & Vegan Menu 


Shiitake Mushroom Noodle 

Nasi Lemak

Mah Jiang Mian

Curry Noodle

Seaweed fried rice


Chicken curry 

cream of Lentil


Mixed fruit Salad

Tofu Satay

Oatmeal with Mixed fruit


All Day Breakfast 

1.Bagel Cream Cheese (Vegetarian) $2.7

2.Bagel with Butter (Vegetarian) $2

3.Bagel with Hummus (vegan) $2.7

4.Bagel with Avocado (vegan) $3

5.Mixed fruit with Granola $4.5

6.Mixed Fruit with Oatmeal $4.5

(Choice of Milk/Soy /almond /coconut or whole milk)

Appetizers (Vegan) 

11.Garden Roll $4.5 (2pcs)

(Lettuce, cucumber Carrot, apple & chic-non with basil sauce)

12.Fried spring Roll $4.5 (3pcs)

(Mixed vegetable with clear bean noodle with pineapple sauce)

13.Masala Vadai $4.5 (3pcs)

( Chick pea bean with spice deep fired with tahini sauce)

14.Pan Fried Dumpling $4.5 (4pcs)

15.Tofu Satay $4.5 (3pcs)

(Tofu marinate in a peanut and mixed spices sauce )

16.Golden Tofu $4.5

(Deep fried fresh tofu with cucumber & pineapple sauce topped with ground peanut.)

Sandwiches (Vegan) 

21.Veggie Sandwich $7.5

(Chickpea Pattie with lettuce tomato alfalfa with Tahini & hot sauce)

22.Avocado Sandwich $7.5

( Avocado lettuce tomato alfalfa with hummus tahini & hot sauce)

23.Chic-non & Avocado Sandwich $7.5

( Avocado Chick-non lettuce tomato alfalfa with hummus tahini & hot sauce)

24.Fish-Less Sandwich $7.5

(Fish-less lettuce tomato alfalfa with hummus tahini & hot sauce)

25.Grill Cheese Sandwich (Vegetarian) $6

26.Harm- Less Ham Sandwich $7..5

(Ham-less lettuce tomato alfalfa with hummus tahini & hot sauce)

** Sandwich come with fries or Chip **



*** Curries serve with white Rice or brown rice ***

36.Green Curry $11.95

(Mushroom Stem with Mixed Vegetable .)

37.Pineapple Curry $11.95

(Pineapple with mixed Bell Pepper and vegan mock meat .)

38.Malaysian Chic – Non Curry $11.95

(Vegan mock meat with potato in spicy gravy .)

39.Randang Curry $12.95

(Mushroom stem, potatoes in spicy coconut gravy .)

40.Chu-Chee Curry $12.95

(Vegan mock meat or tofu in spicy yellow gravy .)

41.Chic-non Yellow Curry $10.95

(Vegan mock meat in a spicy coconut gravy with mixed vegetable.)

42.Tomyum $11.95

(Mushroom mock meat & tofu in spicy coconut milk soup.)

43. Spinach with Garlic $10.95

(Stir fried spinach with garlic & soy sauce.)


 Vegetarian & Vegan Creperies

1. Banana Crepe  $5.99

Fresh Banana with Nutella and Peanut but or Almond Butter and Chocolate Sauce.

2. Almond with Almond Butter and chocolate sauce $5.99

Almond Flake with Almond Butter and Chocolate Sauce.

3. Raisin, Mixed nut with Nutella and Chocolate Sauce $5.99

4. Blueberry with Cream Chess.  $5.99

5. Strawberry with Cream Chess.  $5.99

Salad (Vegan) 

7.Chef’s Salad $7

(Lettuce cucumber tomato carrot and grill chic-non with Italian dressing.)

8.House special Salad $7.5

( Lettuce Cucumber, alfalfa crispy rice noodle and tofu with peanut dressing.)

9.Spicy Mixed Fruit Salad $7.5

( Thai style fruit salad with mixed nuts)

10.Rojak $7.5

(Malaysia style peanut sauce with Mixed Fruit )


Soup (Vegan)

17.Miso Soup $3.5

(Mixed vegetable with tofu and miso )

18.Vegetable Soup $3.5

(Mixed vegetable & tofu in a vegetable board )

19.Seaweed Vegetable Soup $3.5

(Nori seaweed with mixed vegetable & tofu in a clear soup)

20.Cream of Red Lentil Soup $3.5

(Red lentil, potato, tomato and carrot with mixed spices)

Noodles (Vegan)

27.Tomyum Soup Noodle $8.5

( Rice or wheat noodle mixed veggie tofu mock meat with spicy broth)

28.Mushroom Stem Noodle $8.5

( Rice or wheat noodle and mixed veggie tofu mock meat in shitake mushroom broth)

29.Sukiyaki Noodle $8.5

( Stir fried Bean noodle with mixed veggie tofu mock meat and house special sauce)

30.Malaysian Curry Noodle $8.5

( Rice or Wheat noodle with tofu mock meat in mint coconut curry broth)

31.Mee goreng $8.5

(rice or wheat noodle with vegetable tofu mock meat stir fried in a Malaysia style sauce)

32.Chaw ho fun $8.5

(Stir fried rice noodle with mixed Vegetable tofu & mock meat with brown sauce)

33.Ma Jiáng miàn $8.5

(Rice or wheat noodle with lettuce cucumber carrot cabbage tofu with sesame & peanut sauce.)

34.Padthai Noodle $8.5

(Stir fried rice noodle with vegetable & tofu in peanut sauce.)

35. Vegetable Ramen $8.5

(Stir fried ramen noodle with vegetable & tofu in sesame brown sauce.)


Rice Dishes (Vegan) 

44.Seaweed Fried Rice $8.5

(Seaweed stir fried with mixed vegetable & pine nut)

45.Pad Krapao $8.5

(Choice of Tofu, Chic-non or Mushroom Stem with spicy Basil Sauce.)

46.Kao Man Kai $8.5

(Chic-non and Coconut Rice with Ginger garlic Sauce.)

47.Nasi Lemak $8.5

(Coconut Rice with Fish- less Fish with spicy gravy and mushroom stem curry.)

48.Pineapple fried rice $8.5

(Stir fried rice with pineapple, mixed vegetable, raisin, cashew nut & vegan mock meat.)


7. Hemlet $6.50

Vegan Ham, Spinach, Cheese, Lettuce, Black Olive, Mayo and Hot Sauce.

8. Chick-Non Lover   $6.50

Shredded Vegan Chicken, Chili Past, Mayo, and Hot Sauce.

9. Crab-Me   $6.50

Vegan Crab, Spinach, Lettuce, Black Olive, Mayo and Hot Sauce.

10. Hawaiian Pizza Crepe. $6.50

Vegan Ham, Pineapple, Mixed Pepper, Black Olive, Pizza Sauce and Mozzarella chess.

11. Avocado Club $6.50

Avocado, Spinach, Lettuce, Mixed Pepper and Hummus. 

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